The First Intervention

Dui Hua founder and Executive Director John Kamm’s first intervention on behalf of a Chinese political prisoner in May 1990.


Dui Hua staff frequently travel to Europe, China, and Hong Kong to further strengthen the foundation’s political partnerships and advocacy efforts. We remain engaged with our supporters across the globe through our publications and events.

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John Kamm Remembers explores Executive Director John Kamm’s advocacy work prior to and since Dui Hua’s establishment in 1999. Read some of Kamm’s most prominent cases and learn how your support to Dui Hua helps us achieve clemency and better treatment for prisoners of conscience in China.

The Banquet

In the late Spring of 1990, my family and I lived in an apartment on Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak that looked over a verdant country park to the South China …

To Lhasa for Jigme Sangpo

In the aftermath of 9/11, Chinese President Jiang Zemin resolved to use the attacks to fundamentally improve relations with the United States. In doing so he ignored Vladimir Putin’s entreaties …